Master USB/MIDI Module


Master Module to connect your keyboard modules to a MIDI compatible device (Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad...). Please note that this module does NOT embed a sound module therefore you will need a connection to a USB/MIDI device to play.

This module comes with a dedicated application used to configure various settings such as keyboard velocity curves, MIDI channel output and module knobs and buttons actions.



USB-B connector for power and MIDI connectivity (cable included).
Low power consumption : works with iPhone or iPad using an appropriate USB-to-Lightning cable (not included)
6.35 mm (1⁄4 in) Jack socket for connecting a sustain pedal (not included)
2x MIDI assignable knobs (for volume or effects control)
4x MIDI assignable buttons (for octave shift, program change, events trigger ...)
Aluminium enclosure
Weight : 300g (0.66 lbs)
Enclosure dimensions : W:6 L:18 H:5 cm (2.4x7x2 in)